NEW DESIGN | Biancas' men t-shirt


In the last few weeks we have been working a lot!
With christmas approaching so fast, we have so much to do and to arranje before christmas time. And not just for us... specially for our clients.
Our own projects still on the bottom of the line. Clients are our priority.

So we show you one of our lastest project. Bianca's men t-shirt.
Everybody loves it and most of all, its sales very well. All profit goes to Bianca and thats amazing because Bianca supports, take care and helps over 250 animals that lives in the shelter. Go to and find out more.

More! This tshirt is on sale here: Buy one and help Bianca.

Here are some pictures of the new t-shirt with 'Os Anjos', one of the most influents and known singers in Portugal and João Reis, Off-road pilot.

"We support Bianca"

"I support Bianca!"

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