Ready for Fashion: Bloom Theory Straps


Whom every told that we cannot be fashionable to go out to photograph? No one still using the old vest with endless pockets to go out and go to the field to take photos... hum I don't think so!
Why can we get pretty to photograph?
Even if we just want to go out to visit some place or some one, and we always walk around with our camera with us, the camera can have the prettiest and sweetest accessorie I ever saw.
'Bloom Theory Straps' are formed by two ladies, Vania and Christine, who design and sale amazing straps for cameras.
They were formed back in 2011 - not so long ago really - and I personally think they soon will be a success.
The price are a little bit high for straps but it might worth. Lovely!!

I think I would go for Moonshine.
See more here

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