Ante-vision: Free Entrance on Museums + Procession of Wounded Lord


This next weekend is a big weekend! Tomorrow is bank holiday in Portugal and next monday will be bank holiday only in Sesimbra. So what to do this weekend?

Free entrance museums
Every first sunday of each month, the museums from Directorate General for Cultural Heritage have free entrance for all who wants to enter. So if you have the day off and want to go cultural, you have the opportunity to visit National Pantheon, Museum of Tile among so many others. Check all museums with free entrance here:

Conimbriga Monographic Museum

Ancient Art National Museum - S. Vicente paintings

Ancient Art National Museum - Detail
National Pantheon
Photographs taken from website "Património Cultural".

Procession of Our Lord of Wounds (Nosso Senhor das Chagas)
Next monday, May 4th in Sesimbra, will take place a very old procession in honour of our local saint, Senhor das Chagas and I'm not sure if the right translation will be Our Lord of Wounds but if not is something very similar. During this procession, several men will carry he saint itself through the streets decorated with rosemary. The streets where the procession will pass will be also decorated with bedspreads with roses at the windows.
If you are on holidays on monday and you are nearby Sesimbra, I will suggest you to came and see this procession. Beside all this, is available to visit the carnival fair that take place during the following week before our local bank holiday with carousels and caravans with 'junk' food at bus terminal in Sesimbra. Came to visit us!

Images from website:

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