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No many theater companies I follow and enjoy its works.
Experimental Theater of Cascais "Teatro Experimental de Cascais (TEC)", is one of them!

I already saw several of their theaters and I just love them all! Each ste is unique and taken in such unique and precise interpretation, that you can resemble TEC style in each one of them.
This year, TEC is celebrating its 50years (UAU! Congratulations!) and has a great program for this year.
But today, April 9, TEC is releasing a new show, TORGA.

This show has the participation of Carlos Avilez, as director and several actors known from portuguese public.


(Photographs taken from TEC facebook, here!)

Meanwhile here it is TEC program for this year and I really hope I may go to this show next week!
TORGA, from Miguel Torga texts - opening April 9
PEER GYNT, by Ibsen - opening June 26
MACBETH, by Shakespeare - opening November 13

You may reserve your ticket by email:
And follow TEC on facebook!

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