Fourth Music


I like a lot to attend a god concert! I like when a band/artist manage to transmit the energy of a live concert on a video!
And that is the main theme of this 'Fourth Music'.

I discovered Lucius totally randomly and I'm already a fan! Its so delicious to listen to two voices singing simultaneously in harmony. In the end of each song, I feel I should applause to a record video! Its beautiful!

Ah! If you subscribe to LUCIUS newsletter, you will get a free download as a thank-you. Its good.

On this specific video of Zola Jesus I discovered a little bit more about her. Although I really like her, I not that type of person to search details about the person itself behind the music. But here I discovered what I always thought, she has lyric education.
Zola Jesus showcase new songs of her new album.

By the way, subscribe to KEXP youtube account for good music. I'm a fan!

About The Joy Formidable and Blood Red Shoes, this are two great live bands! No further reason...

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