One on Friday: Sara-a-Dias


I think I never told you about Sara-a-Dias! Totally my fault!
Sara-a-Dias, is the alter-ego of Sara Osório! This personage born one day when her food felt into the ground at the bus top... Drawing and illustration was always in her life and now, finally, she published this book reveling part of her (funny) life!

I follow Sara-a-Dias on facebook (check here!) for some time now and I always liked her style and humor, so when I found out her published this book I bought it!

Its delicious and I manage to read it all in two nights! I got the fell of wanting more of Sara-a-Dias. I advice you to read it. I really enjoy it!

My copy, when I bought it!

By the way, go to her facebook and go directly to videos... Prepare yourself to laugh!!

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