Concert: Rita Redshoes


Yesterday I went to a concert of Rita Redshoes, in Sesimbra. I already saw her live once at the exactly same place two years ago and I had a great time back than.
I like her voice, specially when she sings rock. I remembered her singing PJ Harvey and it was brilliant!
On this second time, the concert was much more intimist! She was all alone on the stage, just her and a bunch of instruments. She's a multi-player instrument, and a good one, with a excellent control over her own voice.
I really like the fact she was an extra care with the tune of the guitar... Remembered me a great portuguese guitarist Carlos Paredes that even change and tune his guitar on the stage, because is part of the process.

Going back to Rita Redshoes, her concert was long. I really like her but the way she arranged her songs for this show was to melodramatic, 'sonority' speaking, in my opinion. But in general, I like it!
I also love the fact she told little stories or who the inspiration came to her about the song she will play next, her presence on the stage and her very girly way to be. Is so sweet.

The stage was so beautiful! With glitter strips coming from the ceiling, 2 big R on the floor full of lamps and in every music the color of the back of the stage changed. The effect was brilliant. Remind me the old scenarios of country/pop music shows.

My pictures of the stage doesn't report exactly the beauty of it!
If you have a change to see her life. You will like it!

By the way, she was wearing red shoes :)

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