One on Friday: 10afios


There's a little shop, with traditional products of Portugal, that worth a visit!
10afios has a little of everything and everything is portuguese.
The first time I saw the shop, I was amazed. I'm a very curious person so obviously I enter the shop. It has a bit of everything, lithe clothing, jewellery, handbags, soaps and even portuguese seeds. And I found there the ceramic swallows.
I remember being a little child and everybody had one of this swallows hanging on their walls. I always wished I had some when I grow up. And now I do!

Traditional stores like Portfolio has this ceramic swallows but they cost 3 times more than on this little store.
At 10afios, each one cost 2.50euros and I already saw them costing more than 10euros each, on other stores.

Buy them at 10afios, located at Rua Cândido dos Reis, nº22/24 in Sesimbra.

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