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Every time some one ask me why I don't have an Instagram account I think: But why should I have it?
Just because I have a blog, website, facebook account, twitter or tumble I should have also instagram?

Lets make a little exercise about Instagram!

1- Everything you post on instagram, can be used by others because when you post you loss the right of that image... the legal terms say so! And that had been done recently... an artist sold pictures of people he found on that social network...
2 - Instagram is against feminism! Yes for real! A male nipple is not censured while a feminine nipple is censured. Plus hashtag #curvy was recently blocked from instagram because is was considered obscene!
3 - Instagram is contradictory. How? Judging by reason number 2, pictures of naked man can be on instagram (ok back nudes pictures) and of women can't. Beside that, hashtags #thin was not blocked by instagram while #curvy was!? Really? Instagram is against body positive!
4 - Instagram managers are, obviously very closed minded and fool. They do not allow hashtags like curvy but allow others like vagina, dildo, etc. because curvy is sexual related! Once again, REALLY??
5 - Instagram is bipolar! They do not allow pictures of breast feeding or pictures of women with menstruation blood on their pants but allow naked men. So unreal...

Instagram 'friends', a woman with menstruation is not sexy, we do not feel sexy or feel like having sex. If you need to block that is because you (instagram managers) may feel attracted by that, so you are perverts.

So no, I will not be on instagram!

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