Ready for Fashion: Triumph


I had seen this video on a window shop at Milan! Yes, Milan that eternal city of fashion and glamor.

I love the fact Triumph used the prince charming theme to promote the perfect bra of each woman.
We, women, no matter the size of our breast - big or small - need the perfect bra for us, for our body type with the perfect shape for our breast...
I'm not a specialist in this matter but every time I someone saying she goes to the Chinese / discount stores to buy their bras, I think how awful that is... A bad bra can make real damage on our body, and welfare.
Everyone who had a bad bra will understand me, who unpleasant that is...

Nowadays I only use good bras and I consider that a good personal investment.
By the way, check the video and tell me if you don't feel the urge to go the some triumph store and try some bras?

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