Burger O'Clock // Review


On the other day I decided to try the new burger shop that opened near to my house, Burger O'clock.
I never been there so I didn't knew the place, but I wake up with the urge to eat a burger so I decided to go for it!
With gourmet burgers, the menu is good enough to make you want to eat all of them.

After I certify, the meat was not pork I asked one burger with cheese from Azeitão and fried onion.
The service was fast, the they were super friendly. I was impressed!

When I got what I had ordered, I realized the burger was generous with french fried chips and sauces.

The fried chips came on a metal basket wrapped in paper. Super cute! It was very interesting, but the best part was they were fried with peel. And they taste so good.

I like medium-red meat, so I found the meat very good, tasty and well cooked, for me of course.
What you see on my plate, the dark brown sauce is balsamic vinaigrette, which made all the difference because that cheese is very intense and the vinaigrette cut the sweetness of it.

Overall, love it and recommend!
Burger O'clock is located in Cotovia and Sesimbra (Portugal).
Facebook here!

*The hamburgueralready included the fried chips.

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