Review: Neutrogena feet cream


Oh summer! The sandals, the flip flops, the sand... Everything is great except for your feet!

If you're just like me, you know that during the summer your feet will be dry as a desert.
Unfortunately, because I volunteer at animal shelter and every Sunday I wear crocs, the dryness of my feet increase tremendously.

I have tried several feet cream along with feet-spa accessories and none worked properly. Until one day I went to the pharmacy and I saw Neutrogena*, ultra-moisturizing cream and I decided to give it a chance. Plus, it was on sale!
They state you feet will be visibly repaired after 3 days and surprisingly you really feel the difference.

Even my hands are smoother, just because I put the cream on my hands to apply on my feet!
I totally recommend, no doubt about that! And believe me when I say my feet were awfully dry, the difference is huge.

Have you tried it?

*This post has not sponsored by Neutrogena, the decision of writing this post was only mine.

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