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I think I already told you about the lack of time I have in my life... I think I talk about that at least once a week.
I don't have children but I have 4 animals at home... Four fury animals and if you add the fact that I hate to see my house messy or dirty you may imagine how I feel whenever I look to the floor of my house everyday.
So every single day I swiped the floor to remove the fur (and once a week I vacuum my house completely!) because I love to see my house clean and shining!

So you may guess the amount of time I waste everyday cleaning my house... plus walking 2 dogs 3 times a day, cleaning the litter tray of 2 cats, taking care of myself, give bath to Bia every two days, cook my meals... and have to work full-time in Setúbal and also at home for Bianca as part-time. All this in 24 hours...
When I saw Virobi* from Vileda* I was super excited! Its appropriate to remove animal hair and its automatic.
I don't need a automatic robot to vacuum my house but if I can get a swiped to removed the fur from the floor without my interaction, that is sweet!
This was on sale at Clubefashion but on that same day I went to Espaço Casa and saw the exact same Virobi cheaper than Clubefashion or any other place. I didn't thought twice. I bought it!

It took 12 hours to charge the battery, so only yesterday I got the chance to test this little helper.
I admit I was a little insecure about this... Will it work? Will my pets be affair of it? Will Gotinha be in panic? Well, Gotinha's reaction was my biggest fear...
However, I bought it so I needed to used it! And I did... For the first time, I choose the fast program.
See the video:

I didn't except to have a super clean house after virobi's work, but if you think about that neither do you get a super clean house if you use the mop to remove the fur from the floor. And I will always have to broom around the litter box of my cats because Mr Sunny always makes a big mess...
The big advantage of this is the fact its automatic.

I just used the fast program, 30 minutes and it correspond to my expectation. The main dust and fur were removed and I had an extra 30 minutes to use it on my own. And this program was more than enough to clean my house and my house is kind of big! It started in the living room and went - alone - to my bedroom, than bathroom, guess room, hall and finished again in the living room.

I also don't have many rugs around in my house, and this virobi is not appropriate for rugs, so I think I have all the right conditions to have the best from this 'helper'!
But the bottom of line, I like it! Worked well, very low level of noise and for me it means one less task to be done.
I recommend it, but only if you have pets at home! But remember this doesn't vacuum, its 'only' a mop!
It was 2 program, one short of 30 minutes and one long of 2 hours. The box has 3 discs and the refill of discs may be bought on supermarkets and cost around 4,90euros. The price of the mop depends of the place you go... I saw places were cost 44 euros and others 30 euros. Mine cost 29.95 euros at Espaço Casa.

*This post was not sponsored!

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