Let donate to art?


Who of my readers would like to be a maecenas? Who would like to help an organization like MNAA (National Museum of Ancient Art) to buy a painting of portuguese artist Domingos Sequeira? Well, now that is possible!

The museum is asking for help to buy the painting where you can choose which pixel do you want to sponsor. Yes pixels!
Just go to this link: http://patrocinar.publico.pt/ and you can choose which pixels you want to sponsor.
The idea is amazing and each 25 pixels cost 1.25 euros. Bargain!! Shall we help this painting to stay in Portugal and in a public exhibition?

Pictures taken from website Publico.pt
By the way, did you know this campaign will help to buy one of the 4 painting the museum wants to buy from the portuguese artist Domingos Sequeira, which had been in a private owner for over 170 years?
You can read more about his here: http://www.publico.pt/culturaipsilon/noticia/esta-obraprima-custa-seis-centimos-a-cada-portugues-1711987
And enjoy the rest of your day!

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