Ante-vision: Typography Workshop


Do you like typography? Did you know that will take place at Coimbra an workshop ministered by Joana Monteiro (Clube dos Tipos) a Rui Damasceno (Tipografia Damasceno) of Traditional Typography?
Well, it will that place!
The workshop is called “Project, composition, imposition and printing using traditional typography", will be happening on November 21, at Coimbra and will last 6 hours (from 11h until 13h and 14h until 18h). Its part of 6th Typography Meeting.

This workshop pretends to show the traditional technique of typography and each participant will have the chance to reproduce 2 pages of "Ode to Typography" poem of Pablo Neruda using all the techniques of this process.
The best of all, cost only 20 euros, however is limited to 10 participants, so make sure you grab your place!

More info:

Image taken from facebook of Associação Nacional de Designers
And enjoy the rest of your day!

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