Preview // Historic Wines (with Wine Tasting)


I like to participate in different activities and I suppose my readers may like it also, as if you read my blog so we may like the same things :)

Well, today I suggest a wine tasting of historic wines of Portugal.
Leituria will promote a serie of events with wine professional Bruno Castro, where wines will be presented along with their stories, features and of course, you will have the chance to taste them! This is the best part right?

Seams to me a super fun and different afternoon, and maybe a good option was anniversary gift for someone you know?

It cost only 25 euros and includes the wine taste.
Hurry up and sign up today.

Leituria is in Lisboa at Rua da Estefânia, nº 123A.
To all interested, you may sign up by email:

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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