Show and Tell: Brand identity of Sara Peres


Dear readers,
Today, with great pleasure on myself and my little sister, I show you my most recent work, identity design of Sara Peres as Veterinarian.
This logo was design taking in great deal her personal taste. The Cocker Spaniel Dog is a clear reference to her personal liking, as the use of colors like orange, 2 shades of green, 2 shades of blue. The manuscript lettering pretends to give a professional and doctor look to this logo.

Sara Peres graduated in Veterinary and gives consultation in Sesimbra (Portugal) as freelancer, with home visits, veterinary follow-up, food advice, etc.
If you need a vet, contact her  (T. +351 962870720)!
Meanwhile, here it is the design and please share it.

If you want to hire me as designer, please send email to: or
I will be glad to assist you in your project.

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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