Review: Bolina Tapas Bar


Last saturday, I've the chance to try out a brand new Tapas Bar in Sesimbra.
Sesimbra is needing to reinvent itself! This small town is well known - in Portugal - for its shellfish, samba and beach, and its so refreshing to have a cool new place to go without samba or shellfish.

The place was well known for several years due to a discotheque, with the same name Bolina.
But now is totally different! Has nautical decoration, long tables, two areas and a long menu of food and drinks.
Here you can have roasted chorizos, cheese or several types stuffed meat, baked cheese, among so many other options.
The wine list is also extensive, with white, green or red wine from medium to high quality, as well craft beer Bolina (yes, has the same name as the place).

On my first time there we ordered - beside oil olive and bread - a plate with different cheeses, baked cheese, eggs and 'alheira', 2 portion of mushrooms (one with bacon, other without). I had a stout Bolina beer and my friend choose Porca de Murça wine.
We ate so much and couldn't finished everything! In the end the bill was so 'nice' aka cheap!! Definitely a place to return.

If you want to eat some tapas, you can go to Rua Prof. Fernandes Marques, 6A - Sesimbra, which is so close to the beach. Why not spend some time at the beach than pay a visit to Bolina, for a perfect end of the day.
While you don't go there, check my pictures.

And a few pictures from their facebook...

And enjoy the rest of your day!

p.s. - post not sponsor!

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