Portugal on fire...


Portugal is on fire... literally on fire! Madeira island is one of the terrible case we have now happening, where people already died, tourist taken to secured areas, hospital evacuated... a very Dante scenario. However a solidarity wave invaded Portugal...

But yesterday, I saw fire very closed to a hospital near my job, in Setúbal, luckily already in control by fire-fighters. Apparently, that fire was caused by a cigar, can you imagine that! Someone just throw away a cigar by his car window and caused a fire!

Someone just decided not to use the ashtray in the car, because come on... so much work to clean it afterwards, and by do this just started a new fire just so damn close to the hospital, not to mentioning the house nearby and fire-fighter need to work right?

Keep doing it, people! Just keep do this! Keep throwing from your car window your cigars, later do not forget to appeal to help the fire-fighters on facebook!

I feel to sad about those over 130 fires active right now, so sad to know my own country on fire, and so many people just don't care and take no measures to keep the country safe...

By the way, if you may, donate food, water to local fire-fighters. Why not buy it on-line and ask the store to deliver to those fire-fighters headquarters mostly affected?
And enjoy the rest of your day!

(Images taken from website of tvi.iol.pt)

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