Trump aka Trumpa (means shit)


Today I wake up to a confused, misogynist and retrograde world!
Today I had the idea millions of people prefer an arrogant, dangerous, racist and a liar president than a woman president.
Today I was shocked by USA election results... As far I can see, this results proof the majority of Americans doesn't want a president woman, want a wall separating the USA and Mexico (as if there wasn't already a border between them, and frankly, I don't think Americans who vote for Trump know the existence of this border), don't care to have a president who ruins all companies where we had been, insults everything and everyone and mistreated women...

Today I was so surprised that I just wanted to go back to bed, sleep and don't think about this subject!
Not to think how Trump is about to make the USA a racist and xenophobic nation, leading the world to more wars, to more unemployment, more financial and moral crisis, to another step back in history.
If you look to +DonaldTrump campaign and you know a bit of Hitler campaigns, you will see some similarities: promises of more job opportunities, promises of expelling immigrants, promises of leading the nation to greatness... So many similarities that is actually scary!
The worst of all, Americans followed him enthusiastically, cheering his disconnected speech.

Today was proof that someone can say whatever they want and even so, win despite everything. This is so chock for me that I wonder what type of America exist behind the America shown in movies and TV shows?
What kind of Americans walks in the streets anonymous? Americans with so much fear of everything that believes Trump will save them?
Americans with no common sense or intelligence to think through Trump stupid things? Worst of all, believe on that stupid thing?
Will be America a profound xenophobic, racist and misogynist country, which transparent to be an equal and dream realization country, but that is just a lie?

Today I wake up stunning with this... And apparently I was not the only one... Just go to the internet and check millions of reaction online, unknown and famous people reacted to Trump election as president.
I leave you here an article from journal NewYorker for your consideration: here!

Illustration of OLIVER MUNDAY, in NewYorker.

Funny fact about this day, today we celebrate the falling of Berlin wall! Today Trump was elected and he wants to build a wall around his country...
And enjoy the rest of your day!

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