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I believe marketing and a good ads it's important to any company survive, but same time to time one company strikes hard with such ignorance and non sense that my poor soul fade away!
I don't know if all of you knows Vida e caffè (everyone who know portuguese... yes the acent is wrong... made by them!) but it's a franchising company all about espresso coffee and portuguese way of life! Well I'm portuguese and when I find out about this - a friend of mine write on her blog about this - I was simply without words.
Bad translations, bad images and most of all this kind of propaganda makes Portugal looks like some kind of fool country! This it's a south african company, and some one told me they like to do everything 'in portuguese way', but they do not it well.
And my friends, newspapers with articles like this .... OH MY GOD! How someone can make such interview and be happy about it? If you want to know how portuguese live, drink coffee, lunch, etc... I will be gland to do tell you, but stop publishing and advertising yourself this way!

If you want, read the article here and also see Vida e Caffè website!

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