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What happens to your body when you stop eating wheat/gluten?
Some time ago, when for the first time the idea of me being gluten/wheat intolerant pop up, I started to investigate what was gluten, what was celiac disease, its consequences and benefits of a gluten free diet... Back then, one sentence stood in my mind: "gluten free diet its great to lose weight", obviously I immediately though "I don't want to lose any more weight!"
Later, when the first sometimes starts to appear, I saw myself pushed to take this path, a gluten free diet, in order to live well without feeling being eaten by bugs on my skin (everything reacts on my skin).

Than the benefits and consequences started!
This wheat free diet, made me exclude bread, cookies, pasta and everything that contains wheat, which apparently everything has wheat flour... Even when you think, oh know this for sure doesn't have wheat, HAS!
But my body seems to purify without wheat!
So I will tell you my thoughts about this, you from that side may already thought about this diet and need a personal testimony out gluten free diet.

Less swelling

The first benefit I felt was less swelling! Although I'm a skinny girl, I always had an extra fluffy thing on my waist/belly and one or two weeks after I started, the feeling of swelling disappeared. My belly was flat again, I felt less full and the feeling of weight was gone.

More energy

The second benefit, came from the first one, of course. With less swelling feeling, I started to feel more energetic and be sure I already considered myself an energetic person. But that mean I didn't felt tired, swelling and heavy.

Less weight

The negative side of this diet is, at this moment, my weight is way to low for what should be. Normally I'm very difficult to gain weight but now I double my struggle to get a bit fat
For those, whom the main concern is to lose weight/volume, this could be a positive side effect, however for me, is not!

Alternative food choices...

In Portugal, the alternative gluten free food choices are very low and the ones you can get, are so damn expensive. Next time you go to your local supermarket, make this experience, try to get gluten free items from your shopping list, read the labels and try to find free wheat products! You will see the difficulty we have in Portugal. I know in another places, aboard, the gluten free choices are wider! Lucky you :D
And this will take us to...

Do it yourself

Well, because of so little gluten free options, I started to cook (even) more. I cook my own bread, waffles, cakes, pizzas, etc... And you may ask: "Does it pay for?" and I reply: "YES!"
Lets see from this point, gluten free croissants that supermarkets sell cost 3 euros, for 2 little tiny units. With 3 euros, I make 8 waffles, for example, including the electricity I spent.
On the other hand, I have more work cooking and cleaning the kitchen...

If it was the fact I lost weight and the fact of having so little gluten free options in Portuguese market, this new diet would not be bad at all!
In fact, a gluten free diet may be advice for those who want to loss weight and get healthier.
Search and read what others talk about this diet.
I, for healthy reasons, had to remove wheat from my diet. If it wasn't because of this issue I would never thought of becoming gluten free...

Please be aware all diets must be taken seriously and you should take healthy choices and make exercise as well.
If you want to join to this type of diet, please go to a serious nutritionist, to check if this is suitable for you.

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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