New challenges


I had a few challenges and therefore little time to wrote or post anything here or facebook or even twitter.

One of the project we have been working it for a while and now it complete, done, finish out to be bought.
This have been a long project - since june - and last week was finally ready. You can buy it here: This is an online store/blog of a group of friends of Bianca organization who made and sell several objects and all sales goes to Bianca.

Bianca's Calendar 2011 is ready! After so many months producing, designing and executing this calendar, he is out!
It had been a huge pressure and enthusiasm about this calendar, even with more pressure because I also organized the photoshoot, contact make-up artist, photographers, visited spaces and meet several professional to make 2011 calendar a big success for Bianca. We enjoy and love every minute of it, even the headaches it gave us... Now seeing the results, we realized worth all the efforts.
Inicially this was to be only in portuguese calendar with bold and fashionable pictures and bigger production than the other years, but with the production and with time the idea of a portuguese calendar stop to make total sense and an idea of english and portuguese calendar became stronger. More ideas, proposals ... people start to be interessed in this project and wanted to participated and be a part of this calendar, so many wanted that we had to make not one calendar but two. So after two days of shoots, where in o I had to make-up a couple of models, I had to dressed all of them, guide them and given instructions to the photographers, two beautiful and bold calendars became real with the participation of two dozens of volunteers as models given their body and soul to this cause.

Here it is a few images of those calendars:

Another exciting project I had was one wedding invitation. I spent weeks drawing and illustrating the wedding invitation guided by an beautiful and sweet bride who in the end loves it. The young couple lived in London but they are portuguese so this invitation needed to be bilingual and because they loves to travel and meet new places the theme was trips/travel. For those who know this young couple knows this theme fit like a gloove and it ideal for this wedding. Soon, but only after the weeding I will show photos of this invitation.

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