Workshop of Photography


Last saturday I decided to attend to a workshop of photography, that I was thinking for almost 3 months... and for some reason I was always delaying it. I can't say it was a total waste of my time and money, no. I did learn a few things, but some how I kept thinking I could learn more...
One think that was really annoying  was the fact the trainer kept saying I didn't had the right posture to take a snap and I should be in this triangule body position and he also said this is like 'tai chi'... I really don't think that would make me became a better photographer.

But nevertheless I did learn to use my camera and to not let be overtaken by the light, basically I learn that I can control the light and it was a big step for me. Along with the fact that I now have new knowledge of my camera in manual mode.

Here it is a few photos taken during this workshop.

Hope you enjoy it!

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