At Rome, be roman!


This time I made one of my dream trips, I went to Rome!
I manage to get a very cheap plain ticket on easyjet, the room was also very cheap at hostel The Yellow, located very near of train/bus station and there I was! once again alone, with pre-booked museum tickets and a marked map.

For the first time, I decided to stay longer than I used to. Normally I travelled for only 3 days and honestely I was a bit nervous to stay for 5 days, because my pace is fast and I always manage to see everything in 3days. I'm glad I stood there 5 days! Rome have SO much to see, so many places to pass by, so much history, streets, monuments... You need to see everything!

Rome smells history. The air is different, with unique notes... maybe the unique smell of Rome came from all ruins spread around. Everywhere you go you see ruins, monuments older than history, during every escavation they found remains of antique civilation and rests of the roman society.
Every street has is story - new and old - along with mix christian and roman monuments. Oh yes, Christan church took several roman temples to themselves and turned them into Christan Churchs. But it all worth of seeing! Its mandatory enter in every churchs or chapels, because all of them have beuatiful frescos and you can not miss that!

The first two days I had everything planned, with entrance purchase at Colloseum, Palatino and roman forum and vatican for the second day. And little more I saw because for Vatican you need one full day.
I suggest walk by foot between museuns and historical places, because by do it, you saw little detals along the streets, bridges, which you will miss it by car, bus or subway.

However in the end of the 3rd day, I had serious pain in my foot and sightseeing bus was an excellent option and turn out better than I expected. This bus passed by the most important places and monuments and was valided for two days so I used it like normal bus with a bonus! They gave us earplugs to listen comment guide of monuments, streets of historical public figures that somehow were related to 'that' place. I found it fantastic!

The sun was a bit shy on first days and even rained. But the sun came out and it was great! All the diferent smells were intensified and walking was more pleasant.

Turn out romans are crazy drivers, crazy even to park their cars... no one respect priorities and crossing the streets was a real challenge. At the beginning I was afraid to cross the streets even with the green light and later on the bus I was always expecting the be part of an accident. Its crazy!
Along with that, you see lot of mislead publicity, like ice-cream for only 2 € but when you are paying they ask you 4€... And don't even try to talk about it... They don't care and start to say: " I don't understand you".  Yah right!! Rome isn't perfect, but it's a beautiful city.


I came back home, super tired, with a tendinitis on my foot, missing like hell my pets, but my heart was full, completely full! Rome is, no questions about it, a mystical, romantic and hystorical city, worth all physical and monetary effort. Deserves everything and of course a second visit! One day...

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