Ready for Fashion: New Eyewear


What can happen when you put your glasses on the floor at the shelter? Most likely someone will step on it!
If not a person, some dog would destroy!
Well, that happened to me... When I hold a dog, a sick dog, the glasses were almost falling from my head and I decided to put them on the floor. 2 minutes later, a worker said 'just broke your glasses'

I already needed a new pair and I was looking to brands and sales, and I thought I could get the new ones in the end of the month. By faith I needed them before that time. On the next monday I went to the shopping mall, looking for any shop that could make them at that same day.

I went to Gran Optical and I love it! The employees were super kind, I tried hundreds of glasses, got a pair of eye contacts lenses for free and even got another pair of glasses for free!
I didn't know which glasses I wanted but in the end I bought this!

They are a bit different from what I'm used to, but I really like them! They 're from Burberry, 'Nude' collection, so they have a neutral colour with a few golden details.

Beside that, I got myself a second pair of glass!
I advice you to go to Gran Optical in Almada Fórum. They make brand new glass in one hour, with great promotions and the staff are amazing!! I'm a happy costumer!

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