Fourth Music: James Arthur


On the other day I was having a conversation with a friend about relationship and ended up talking about two of my relationship and how they destroyed me!
But when I say, they destroyed me, its because they really destroyed me completely... They destroy my ability to trust other guys, my ability to trust men became zero. Nowadays I always doubt every single word of men...
And why?

Well simple... The fact a person discover her boyfriend betrayed her with another girl have this effect!
The fact some one discover - on her birthday - the significant one have another girlfriend have that effect and for life!

And why I'm talking about that? Because afterward that conversation I realized how I just started to build walls around me, how I always push people away even when I like somebody. I realized my first reaction is always being severe, even when I just want to hold on to that person and never let him go. But no... I'm harsh! Afterwards I regret my reaction and never know how to reverse it.

Fun thing, since that day, the music "Wrecking Ball" is playing in my head! Actually, two music sang by James Arthur have been playing in my head ever since...
So, today's Fourth Music, is very a personal post...

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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