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Last weekend I had to fly to Copenhagen and this trip reveled to be unique in same way.

Well, the trip was divided in 2 parts: From Lisbon to 'Palma de Maiorca' and from Palma to Copenhagen and by this I had a chance to experiment 2 types of flying services.

The first part - Lisbon to 'Palma de Maiorca' (from now on refered as PM.) - was supported by this company named Niki, which I never before heard about and I thought it was another low-cost company because the logo of this company is a fly... Not very good for a logo, I might say it!
But to tell the truth, this is not a low-cost company and actually the service its very good. I was surprised, specially with the security measures broadcast on TV, with 3D modells and, by the way, they also have 3D modells of the airplane flying and demonstrates take off and landing. This might confort and be peacefull for all that anxious passengers, because this gives us a sense of control and power knowing exactly what the airplane is doing, which altitude, velocity, etc...
I know the service was not the best I experienced, but this modern stuff gave me a good feeling of flying with them. The only catch was the fly speeking to us in the end of the fligth and came on it's a fly. We always associate it to bad things and the first time I saw the airplane with a fly on it I thought, "This will be a shitty trip!" and it wasn't!

The second part - from PM. to Copenhagen -  was twice longer and made by Air Berlin.
Air Berlin have this airplanes with a few more inchs space between rows and also the corridor it's bigger, giving to the passengers more space to move and relax and therefore more confort! You see, same times an extra inchs its all it takes to make a big diference!!
Because I was travelling with animals, and one of them was with me on cabinet as hand bagadage (known as PET) this animal must go on the floor next to the feets, but in Niki's airplane there was not space enough for the animal and in Air Berlin's airplane it fits like a glove! Giving me a quite and save trip.
I also enjoy - or should I say love - the food service! When I was flying with this company, it was dinner time and because I didn't had eaten almost nothing all day, I decided to recused the sandwich they offered me and order something better. And I was so glad I did this. I order 'sansibar' classics menu which consist on a chickenbreast marinade in cajou on a bed of pasta and spinach with Holland sauce (see here the menu). My choice was perfect and besides being a little hot spicy which i'm not a fan, really conforts me and I enjoy my meal forgetting the hto spice and I didn't regret a bit!!

But until I land in Copenhagen I had even two more new experiences... One of them was using the rest room on a airplane. My past trips had been short ones and therefore I never had to go but now this trip was longer and the connections between flights was so small in time that I didn't have time to rest and relax.
Well here I had the others experience... On my way to the bathroom a girl decide to put her feets on the corridor on the exact moment I was passing by. Can you imagine what happen? Yes I felt - not before I crambled for a few meters - and I actually hurt my finger and it wasn't so bad because another passenger pick me up in time. If he did not grab me I would be hurt big time!!

Forgeting all this adventures had been to arrived Copenhagen, I manage to get there in one piece, as well the 3 dogs that were with me and I was hoping to see snowing like the captian said earlier it would be. And for the first time I saw snowing, I saw snow falling down the sky and I love it!!

Beside that, landing in Copenhagen was the smoothest and well done I ever saw and been in until today!

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