Freezelight and Machinarium


Well, in my research and discovering - which I always like to share it - I found another criative group, this time from Russia, but they like to play with light! And what a nice play!
I must say that, lately russians have been surprising me often, in a good way... Even not a long time, I found a russian firm who developed a game, with very beautiful illustrations, about robots, which they gain several international awards with it! Oh the soundtrack is also very good and appropiate for the game.

I played the demo and I found myself wanting the full game. But, for now it's only available an online version and in this case I agree it could be a real asset if there was an physical version with booklet and a few extras! I would buy it and I also know a few persons that would buy it too.
It my sugestion and congratulations!

Where I found it...

Freezelight website:

The game 'Machinarium'...

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