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While I was studing design in university, I had a collegue in my class that she use to say she was daltonian but her favourite color was (and still is I guess) something in the middle of red and orange. Honestly I never understood very well this... She been daltonian yet she claims to see colors. I don't know but it doesn't matter for this case.

What brings me today was the fact one portuguese designer, named Miguel Neiva, invented a color code for daltonian, based on simbols and monochromatic contrast.
This code have a little bit reference, I guess, on morse code and the designer Miguel Neiva pretend this code to be adopted for all institutions, organisations, companys and make this code used all over the world, making the daltonian life easier, specially children in the school, where they first feel blocked and confronted by this illness and with this code them surely would get over it faster and eventually felt more secury about themself. And many professions are probiden for daltonian such as plain pilots, graphic industry, fashion, etc and with ColorAdd this situation could finish.
Several national and international companys show their interess about it! In Portugal, CIN an ink company already use it, making them pioneer and they surely upgraded in costumers opinion.
Who knows in the future, this code may make for all millions of daltonian in the world more easy, by using it.
In all cases, I give my congratulations to designer Miguel Neiva and his ColorAdd.

Link for DN new (only in portuguese)

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