Like in my childhood


I really want to share with all of you one of my hobbies - photography.
Everytime I can I go out with my camera to 'snap' and everytime I can I also take a walk on the beach with at least one of my dogs. And mixing this two elements - honestly it is three elements, my dogs, beach and my camera - I have a pretty good pics to share.

Well the first sequence it about my dog running wild and me trying to catch up his pace.

The second sequence it all about waves! it's better if I example...
When I was a child I remember seeing the ocean, beach and the waves gone wild winter after winter but suddenly I can't recall what was the last time I saw waves this big! I was walking my dogs when i saw this big wave ending on the road just in front of my house and I felt this huge need to go out there and take as many as I could pictures of it. Well I did! Over 600 pictures of waves, beach, surfers and other details provided by this cenario. In the end I was cold and full of little drops of sea water in my clothing, hair and lips! Two great hours...

You can not imagine the sound of this waves!
And even here where I was, a quite area, I had an eye in the sea, just in case.

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