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I think every creative/designer have a special 'thing' for cooking.
I remember in my first year of university (if I'm not wrong), in some class we're talking about design, what is design and how evolve over the years and my teacher refereed to us a small text - I don't remember from who - that said making design is like cooking a cake. You need all the ingredients so you may mix it up, in the right proportion in the right order, than leave it to cook to get the ideal result.
Well at that time, I already like to cook (and eat) so when I get this idea of design while making and preparing food... was perfect!

But I also think this passion for food itsn't just my idea! I have been in touch with other designers, photographers and creatives and they all seems to love food, cooking and photographing food.
Personally I no good to take good pictures of food, its very difficult, its like a different type of art. A type of art that VAZIO studio is master!
Beside the main activity - photography for shops - they also are involved at book and magazines. And they have 2 books for free available in their website.
If they are involved in that book, you know it will be good!

I leave you people the direct link for download page

Enjoy it!

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