Ready for Fashion: Melissa


I'm so but so late! In the last few days I have been working like a crazy and I didn't had time to wrote anything to here!! My apologizes :)
But now to redim myself I will show you the fabolous, amazing Melissa shoes. And just for the record they smell really good :)
If you never try it, you don't know what are you missing. They smell good, they are comfy and so fun!
I know some models aren't the most confortable in the world but so far so good for me. All models that I bought, i've been lucky and only one model doesn't satisfied me that much.
Nevertheless, this collection is gorgeous! I love the colors and the small details... I already bought 2! My budget this month is down.

Here it is a small showcase of Melissa collection, and it is really small because the collectionis enormous!

More here

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