Ready for Fashion: My style vol.3


I never get tired of black, especially black and white. It the perfect combination!
And on top of everything, in my opinion, black is resting. I wear lots of black and most of my winter clothing are black. Althow during spring and summer I do wear bright colours, but during winter I simple tent to wear black, red, navy or gray.
And do you know I do not wear brown? Is one of that colour I can stand for... don't know why!

Well lets move on! Today is pretty simple yet (i think) classy. Uncle boots, black belted dress and pearl necklace. I like to mixed funky clothing so I decided to wear my new 'raindrops' leggings. In case you just miss it, my necklace has a flower shape brooche.
It was a huge success at my office!

Ankle Boots, from ZARA;
Black belted ZARA dress;
'Raindrop' leggings from Siren London;
Pearl necklace with detachable flower brooche.

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