Super Twingo!


Two weeks ago, my beloved car simply died. With over 20 years and beside all my effort to take care of him, I knew he already had a few signs of oldness.

On a monday, after I full his gas tank, heard a loud noise followed with a series of small noises... than I saw smoke coming under my car and over the engine. I stopped and lots of water running under my car.
I realized the situation was serious! That area have not cellphone connection, it was starting to get really dark and even  was fully identified on the road, cars passed by over 100 km/h. Really danger!
After a few acrobatics  help arrived and in the next morning my mechanic advice not to repair the car because it was very expensive and that car was too old to be fixed that much.

Well in the bottom of my heart I knew that and I took a sad decision not to fix it and to sent him down. it was time!
Now I need to find one that I like, and even I'm looking for one that some how may be 'more car' (well bigger than a twingo) I constantly keep in mind money is more important than a big car or a car from brand X. Lets see...

Either way, I leave here I tribute to my beloved Twingo, who served me for almost 11 years!

That was not the car I dreamed for myself but succeed all my expectations... I hope my next car last at least or more time that my twingo.
And next time I need to buy a new car, I hope to be able to buy a giant car like I adore!

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