Oh lá lá Paris!


Long time, no see!
Since I last wrote a post SO many things happened. Basically I don't have time to write... My time is so little that I see myself forced to skip things I had decided to do.

But today I decided to show some of the pictures of my latest trip to Paris, France.
Honestly I was very nervous about this trip. No idea why but I was really nervous. I know I didn't prepare it as normally do, plan museums visits, schedule all my days where to go, what to see and this trip I prepared it badly.

The good thing was, I did plan an all day with one of my closet friend, Vera. She lives in London and traveled to Paris just to spent a few hours with me. That was really great. We did lunch outside near Cathedral Notre Dame in a small restaurant and share lunch. The food there is amazing! Specially pastry... oh god, that cookies were fantastic and SO big.
The down side of Paris was definitely the smell of the streets and men are too flirt and abusive with women. But overall I like it and unfortunately I didn't saw some museums I wanted to see but 4 days is a very short trip to Paris. Maybe next time. :)

I had the chance to see Mona Lisa twice (uipi!!) and believe me when I say, you know you are getting close to Mona Lisa's room when you start to hear dozens of people talking very loud. And I also saw 'The Lace-maker' of Vermeer. That was a shock! Never imagine it would be such a small painting... but the details and colors were amazing, just re-affirm my opinion of him as one of my favorite painters.

Well lets see them!



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