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Years ago when I was in the middle of industrial design course, we had a project which we as students where supposed to design a futuristic gadgets.

I remember I made up this story about the almost end of the world catastrophe provoke by nuclear disaster on 2020... Even though I don't remember why, on my project I designed an hand implant. 
With this implant, you could do almost everything! Virtually everything! From opening doors, make payments, citizenship identification or teletransporting yourself to another location.

When I talked about this project with my teacher, I remember he was very ressentelist about my idea. He told me no way we will have that type of gadgets underneath our skin. 
Back then I also had this idea of having an chip implant on my head which I could use to write articles or posts like this one. 
I could have written this post using a chip on my head that would read my thoughts and transfer them to an notebook or, as nowadays we have millions, to an app. And of course, with just an approval by my thoughts I would published this post.

Back then, every one thought I was insane,  but today I read an article on British Airlines magazine about 'Project Underskin', a smart digital tattoo that would be implanted on your hand and would allow you to open doors, read data or alert you when you have low blood sugar.

I would say, the idea I had 10 years ago is now a nearest reality. 
So, am I that crazy or a visionary person? 

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