Ready for Fashion: My Style (vol.5)


Long time no see... On the other day a friend of mine took a picture of herself and tag me and I remembered this type of posts where I show you my own style

I promise to post, once in a while, pictures of me, of My style. It was one of the most loved posts... But I don't have time for everything!

This is the type of clothing I normally wear for work. Simple but with details, that is my motto!
The dress was bought on a second-hand shop. No identification of the brand and yes is a dress however it looks like a skirt and a blouse.

The jacket was offered and is from Benetton, metallic belt from Zara and 2015 collection melissa shoes in glod and beige. I also have a couple of  'Marias Madalenas' from Pomar.
Have a nice week!

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