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Have I ever said I like to travel? If yes, I will say it again: I love to travel!
I feel so lucky for the chance I've to travel, once in a while, meeting new places and countries.

This time I went to Geneva, in a weekend trip by Easyjet, just to relax a bit.
Geneva is a small town so 2 and half days were enough to sightseeing the city, which is very calm, clean and secure, by the way was one of the most secure cities I ever been.
The people of Geneva are very nice and friendly. French is the most speak language but almost everyone knows english, lucky of me because my french is terrible.
I was so luck with the weather. Funny thing, I decided to buy an umbrella an the moment I left the shop started to rain for less than 5 minutes and didn't rain the rest of my time there. Lucky! But the cold was tremendous.
Thanks to Heidiland tips, I was ready to Geneva. Normally I wore layers of clothing so I may take off when I enter museums or so, but never feel cold outside. But I was about to take melissas when she told me "For god sake, don't take melissas!" and thank god I didn't take melissas... I would have been cold to the core.

Geneva is a very high scale city. Prepare yourself to spend lots of money specially with food. Eating out cost at least 20 swiss francs and you need to search well for those prices. Coffee and water are also expensive, but I found out water was much cheaper in supermarkets, less than one swiss franc.
Lucky I had with me my marvelous guide-book from Estampa Publisher which not only ha the city divided in areas but had  low cost tips. Thanks to this book I discovered a beautiful tea room named La Vouivre with a wonderful decoration and cheap! Its near the Pâquis area and apparently is always full, of course!

 What to see

- Jet d'Eau
- Cathedral of Genebra
- Flower clock
- Historic center
- English garden
- Wall of reformator
- Square of Bourg-de-Four
- Rath Museum
- Bains de Pâquis
- United Nation headquarters

What to do

- Boat ride
- Eat one of the famous fondue
- Train ride along the historic center
- Walk in one of the garden
- Drink a coffee near the lake
- Take a bath or a massage at Bains de Pâquis
- And if you want to take your trip to another level, take a bus to sightseeing the areas beside Geneva

What to eat

No doubt you need to trip the chocolates, I did it and they are really amazing! Switzerland is also known for their cheese and fondues. You can find several boat trips with fondue included.
You can check Heidiland blog for more tips about this issue.


- Thanks to Heidiland I knew about a biological supermarket named Migros, which was a very good alternative to my food choices due to my allergies. It has gluten free bread, can soaps and even the water was cheap. Thanks to HeidilandI ate very good meals for low prices and everything was biological and gluten free. Thank you Heidiland!!
- Public transportation are free of charge and you will receive a card during check-in. This card can be used in boats (yellow boats), bus and electric trains.
- In the airport, just next to exit there is a free ticket dispenser machine. This ticket has lifespan of 2 hours, but is only free with your flight ticket.
- Geneva has several water fountains with drinkable water. If you are those who doesn't mind drinking water from other places, this is very good for you. Just be alert to potable water signs. This tip was also given by Heidiland, which made me more alert to this fountains after our conversation.
- Check the weather before your flight. Geneva is surrounded bu mountains and can be a very cold place to be. On Saturday morning was -2 degrees. Take gloves and warm boots with with during autumn/winter.

Down side...

Geneva is not a very touristic city, even it has plenty of touristic places. There are a few companies with re-creative boats but be prepared to spend hours waiting for the post to open so you may get your ticket... Funny thing, in 3 days I only say it open once with a gigantic queue. So I didn't took any boat!
Be aware Jet d'Eau close due maintenance once a year, between October, November and will open middle December. You will not find this information on its official website...

Portuguese in the world

Yes, we Portuguese people are everywhere... And Geneva was no exception! I found several Portuguese restaurants with bifanas (bread with slices of pork), creme tarts known as pasteis de nata or Sagres beer :)
One of those places was called Pedra Alta, and if you know a bit of Sesimbra you know there is a place called like that and there is a big rock on the beach near the fortress with that name. What a coincidence!


Hope you like this post and enjoy the rest of your day!

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