Bad humor


Today's post is hard... I'm in a bad day... My humor is so awful right now!
Actually I don't want to talk any that matter but I'm writing because I had this conversation with a friend of mine regarding my humor and the fact I only could see my faults and she said: "Now that you know what you don't like, what about what you like?"
That  hit me like a bomb, and I could say one single thing about me that I was good at, or like about myself.
I thought about a couple of hours and still not found one single thing... ai!

But I can list what I don't like...
- hate not being in control
- hate feeling sad
- hate feeling not confident
- hate the sound of spoon hitting the side of the cups
- hate the sound of water filling cups
- hate being told I'm a contra person
- hate being told I'm a weird person
- hate the color brown

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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