On my Map: Vienna


Last week I added another city to my personal map: Vienna, Austria.
For quite some time I was thinking about going to Vienna, even my facebook feed was full of images and films from Vienna, until I book this trip!

So far was one of the most expensive trip I've made, cost more than Athens but worth every penny... True to be told my cheap choices are running out, so...
For Vienna I bought a pass which allowed me to enter all major museums for free and had unlimited rides of Hop on Hop off and a pedestrian tour in center of Vienna. I choose the option for 2 days and was enough.
You can buy the ViennaPass here: https://www.viennapass.com/
Hop On Hop Off bus has 5 routes and they all started around 10h and finish quite soon I think, around 17h. I admit this schedule, for me is narrow time-line, because I like to leave the hotel pretty soon and get back around dinner time.

The City

Vienna, is a very clean and organized city! You will not see trash on the ground and the sidewalks are divided for pedestrian and bikes, so be aware of that lane otherwise you may be hit by one. I almost did...
The mais monuments are marks on the streets however I had my precious guide-book from "Editora Estampa", that I like so much.
You will see music and art everywhere, literally! The Austrians are very proud of the past specially music heritage, and almost every night there is concerts and opera, even on the streets. I was amazed by so many talented singers singing opera.

What to see

Gosh there is a lot to see... The city is full of monuments, beautiful buildings, museums, etc..
I advice:
- Albertina Museum (love it!!)
- Stephansdom Cathedral and its treasury
- Peterkirche Chruch
- WinterPalais
- Kaisergruft
- Opera House
- Neue Burg
- Hofburg
- Rathaus Platz
- Oberes Belvedere (here you can see The Kiss of Klimt)
- Schloss Schönbrunn
- State Hall
- Sissi Museum
There is so much to see and depends how much time you have. I stood for 2 days and 2 half days and I think it was the right amount of time.

Not worth

- Boat ride, I did it and think its a waste of time... nothing much to see...
- Papyrus Museum, not very interesting.
- Karlskirche Church, expensive to enter and very small, although have a virtual reality system you can use, still expensive...

What to eat

There is several typical Austrian dishes unfortunately I can not eat them, but if you don't have any restriction:
- Sacher Torte, very famous
- Sausages: Wurst
- Wiener Schnitzel
- Cow stow.

There are a lot of other typical dishes in Austria and mainly meat, from pork or hunting meat. But they also have desserts and bread.
The coffee is a big thing there and I advice a small coffee shop KaffeFabrik (Favoritenstraße 4-6, 1040 Wien, Austria) with one of the best coffees I ever drunk and one of the most cheap in Austria, too.
If you are gluten intolerant, download the app from Schar, Gluten Free Roads which has tips and gives you directions to the nearest place to eat or shop. However I advice Yamm, with buffet and gluten mark in the dishes. But you always can eat salads, like for example in Nordsee (there is a lot of these shops, even near Stephansdom Cathedral).

But the city is full of kiosks with food, asian, turkish, etc. Everywhere you can easy buy food, and cheap food. Saw lots of  'Happy Noddles', too bad I can't eat...

Where to stay

I totally advice the hotel where I stood. Although is a 4 star hotel, its kind of cheap and the breakfast is amazing, never saw so many options. 4 Star is really something else. :)
The name of the hotel is Johann Strauss (book here: Booking) and is part of a group of hotel all in the same line and near the center. This one is near the Opera House, so is central.


If you want to share some tips about Vienna, use the comment box.
And enjoy the rest of your day!

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