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I just finish a new project, a website for a small and very young design agency named 'Porta de Comunicação', which means "Communication Door" in english and I'm very happy about this. I design the layout, I also made some of the images usedon the website images, programmed and did most of the work of webmaster and SEO. With this I invite you all to see and check it out. http://www.portadecomunicacao.pt/

Meanwhile I was have this 'conversation' with myself about my work and the posture I had in this work and found myself remembering this coffee chat with a few friends and teachers a couple of years ago about asking to strangers and colleagues to evaluate 'your own' work and this memory stook in my mind for enough time for me to decided to do it. To ask everyone around me how they consider my work. And here it is my survey about http://www.portadecomunicacao.pt/

Thank you all for your time and thank you for helping me to became a better designer.

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