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I'm a photography lover! I love photography, take photos, carrying my camera around and take 'stupid' photos. But I hate to edit them, most of my 'hate' is because I'm not very good in it, so whenever I have a chance I learn a little bit more about photo edition...

Yes I love to learn and study... and learn about people too. I guess thats why I love to travel so much!

Well today, will present you Alex, a twenty something years old girl, passionate about photography, marketing and short life stories (not my words I guarantee). She loves to talk to strangers, listen to them and she also tell in her blog nine out of ten times she asked strangers to tell her, life short stories.
I may say, its not my thing to talk to strangers but its my thing to discover life stories (normally biographies)...
We can mix all this in this mixing bowl with Photoshop and photo edition and we get Alex website, where she speaks about all of this 'elements'. Its really interessing.
And she also present us with a few photo edit and Photoshop tutorial.

I leave you with a 'short story' of her photos.

Enjoy it and see more here:

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