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To those who doesn't know, I'm a volunteer in an animal shelter in Sesimbra, and every sunday - no matter what happen - I'm there, from 8 in the morning until the end of the day.
Yes every sunday I get home really tired, but its also very good to know that I'm helping animals, to know that I'm actively helping them to be more social, get a better quality of life, etc...
And beside all that good stuff, I also get the chance to practice my photography skills. Nevertheless, I also love to photograph animals...

Photographing animals its hard. Animals don't quite know how to be still, don't obey to orders or directions and only do what they want. Its an excellent practice for me really, at least I try to capture the best angle, position, the right mood of the animal. I try to show people how really the animals are. And sometimes, well lets be honest, most of the times, its complicated because, they are living in extraordinary conditions, in a kennel or chained. Admite, that from 50 pictures I shoot each animal per day, normally I only get 1 or 2 good photos. Its complicated but in the end, satisfactory.

During shoots, I take unusual positions... normally I realize that I'm with head down, feets up, my camera is near the floor, I hold my camer with only one hand because the other hand is protecting from the dog...
Well you might see it in my pictures. I made a small selection from february photo shoots.
My intent was to show the best of each animals, some of them are ill, mistreated be ex-owners, with social problems but most of them are needy, because its hard to get exclusive attention when you are competing with over 250 other dogs.

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