One on Friday: Breakfast series


Food, food and more food! I never get tired of reading about food and recipes. Its a wonderful way to get inspiration to cook everyday and be inspirational for unique recipes like for example, curry noodles with dry tomato, broccoli and grilled mushrooms with arugula salad. Simple, cheap and easy to do.

Personally I never have time to take a calm and good breakfast. No! I don't have time, I get up, get dressed and eat in around 30 minutes than I leave to work. And during this time, I have little space to prepare a good breakfast and to take it with time and get a calm and peaceful breakfast time, right in the morning. I don't have time to do that. Beside that, in the morning the only thing I can eat is a big cup of chocolate milk. After that, I only eat for one hour later... In the morning my organism is very peculiar!
However, I envy those who can and take their breakfast in a calm and peaceful pace. Those how have time to prepare tasty food and eat it!

Bonnie is a professional photographer, art lover and she graduated in Graphic Design.
Joy Cho graduated in Communication Design, worked in several ateliers as graphic designer and she does love food and art.

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