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On Saturdays, just before I go to the beach and always make an easy and light meal, so I don't starve and I may go to the beach without problems. So that's why normally I prepare a nice sandwich.
This week, I will give you one great recipe of sandwich made with ranch product.

Ingredients (for one person):
- 1 bread (I used what its called grandmothers bread and its large and plan)
- 1/4 onion
- 1 hand full of white mushrooms chopped in quarters
- 1/2 Portobello mushroom sliced
- Grated cheese
- 2 mini chorizos, sliced

Cut the bread in 2 and put it aside.
Start by heating the grill and make sure its really hot.
Put the onion, mushrooms and chorizo in the grill and time to time, turn them.
Five minutes later, everything will be ready.
Put everything on the bread mix some grated cheese and enjoy it!
Pretty simple, right? If you prepared this for more than one person, just multiply the quantities.

Advice: If you will prepare this for your dinner, you make consider and drink a glass of sangria. It will be great!
Time of preparation: 5minutes (máximo)
Facility: high!
Costs: Low

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