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By request I will give you my recipe of Bruschetta of Sausage.
According by my own classification, its very simple, easy and great for summer lunch because is so rapid to prepare and you do not waste time with elaborated cooking skills. Beside that, its really good and you are free to use all type of ingredients!

- Sausage (Personally I used 3 units, because they were really small like miniatures)
- 1/4 onion
- Spice (I normally buy small packets of spices, its a mix of lots of spices - which is great to use on everything)
- 1 leaf of basil cutted in pieces
- 1 slice of bread
- 1 egg
- Parsley or fresh coriander
- Ruccola

To start, heat up very well one pan and place there the slice of bread. Leave it there for a few seconds - it might be very quickly if the pan is really hot - and with a help of a lid press a bit the bread and turn over. This step will take about 1 minute, but make sure the pan is very hot.
Put the bread aside!
Meanwhile you already cut coarsely the onion and the sausage. You don't need to be very carefully with the cuts ok?
Use the same pan and put olive oil on it. Put a few herbs - or you can only use salt and pepper - then the onion and the sausage. Start cooking the egg.
Stir well and make sure everything its well cooked. Spread a little bit of parsley over it.
This step will take 5 minutes. And while everything is getting cooked, you may prepare the salad, ruccola and small pieces of onion and its done!

Now the sausage and the eggs are done, place them on top of the bread. Put the basil and I hae everything done!
And good appetite!

Preparing time: 10minutes (max)
Facility: easy!
Costs: low

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