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During summer I like light, healthy and practical food which allow me not to spend much time in the kitchen cooking elaborated meals which - by the way - makes your home and you hotter. But even with all this reasons I do not leave taste behind because I love good food for stomach and eyes.
No verão e apesar de todas estas razões, não descoro - nunca - do sabor.
That is why today I will share with you my new recipe that is easy to prepare and its also really tasty which I named "Rustic Sandwich".

- Bread with seeds
- 1/4 onion
- Garlic in powder
- 1 hand full of mushrooms chopped in quarters
- 1 egg
- Parsley or fresh coriander
- Grated cheese
- Ruccola (you may switch ruccola with lettuce)

Cut the bread and put it aside.
Put a few drops of olive oil in a pan with the onion and the garlic. Let warm up and immediately throw into the pan the mushrooms and stir. This step will take only one or two minutes.
Your mushrooms are ready when they have this golden colour. Put the egg on top of everything, do not stir him and put some parsley or coriander (what you prefer most).
Two minutes and your egg will be cooked.
Put everything on the bread, mix it with the cheese and ruccola and its done!

Preparing time: 5minutos
Facility: easy!
Cost: Low

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