One on Friday: On vacations...


Finally I had good holidays this year. I was reaching my limit and I really needed to stop, rest,  relax, leave it all behind me and just enjoy myself for a couple of days. Thank god Saint Peter decided to give me a break and gave me some sunny, hot days for my holidays... So I manage to go to the beach and its October!!!
I already had vacations but always with bad weather. Now I feel I'm really on vacations and my energy its going up.
Empty beach, cold water (its Sesimbra...), sun, hot, plain icecream... Vacations.
In the back of my mind I start to feel a little anxious about work and all my duties but I know I need to rest to for the rest of the year and I have two more days to relax...
Here it is some pictures I took during this sunny week :)


 Click on images to see them big!!

My next mini vacations will be more cultural for sure. Milan!

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