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This meal is very good to use leftovers of other meals, specially of roasted chicken because I always eat in the end the breast and most of the times I use it to prepare other meals with it! Not just it good but it really simplifies my work on the second roasted chicken meal!

- 1 Wrap
- 1/2 breast of roasted chicken (or grilled)
- 5 mushrooms
- Corn
- Salted Sheep Cheese, chooped as squares
- 1/2 onion
- Mix of spices
- 1 leaf of basil cutted in pieces
- Ruccola
- Soja cream

To start, heat up very well one pan and put there the wrap. Leave it for a few seconds and turn over and leave for a few second in thsi side too. This step will take about 1 minute, but make sure the pan is very hot.
Put the wrap aside in a plate!
Meanwhile you already cut coarsely the onion, chicken breast and the mushrooms.
Use the same pan and put olive oil on it as well the basil and mix of spices (I always used a variad mix of spices to make my dish richer in flavour) - or you can only use salt and pepper, its up to you. In the minute the spices are trinbling in the pan, put the onion, chicken breast and mushrooms. This step is also fast! Use a spoon to mix all the ingredients and to turn them over.
After a few minutes, 3 or 4minutes, put a tin line of soja cream and stir well.
One more minute and it done!!
Put this mix in the wrap, on top the corn and cheese. And close it with the help of a toothpick!
Prepare the salad with ruccola and small pieces of onion and its done!

And good appetite!

Preparing time: 10minutes (max)
Facility: easy!
Cost: low/medium (depends really on the cheese you use)

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